About Us

Personalized Installation

Nyx ISP Group, based in McKinney, TX, is a telecom contractor that  provides inside-plant telecommunications installation services for technology and  communications companies in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. We  provide insured, efficient, turnkey services that include  infrastructure, equipment, cabling, termination and testing, and DC  power for central offices, data centers, building risers, building POPs,  customer suites and server rooms. 

Experienced Staff

 We’ve established strong, positive relationships with the clients that  we have had the pleasure of serving for nearly a decade.  We are  committed to meeting impossible deadlines and high expectations of our  clients and we provide expert advice, excellent work, and precise  communication.  All of our work is performed according to the highest  industry standards and we work to adapt to individual standards that a  customer or job requires. Our hope is to utilize our knowledge and experience to build our customer's trust and expand their footprint. 

Stable Support

 For nearly 10 years, we have built and managed projects for numerous  companies, including carriers such as Cogent Communications & At&t as well as companies such as Transwestern Commercial Properties & Texas Instruments.  




  • ISP & OSP Fiber
  • Cat5 & Cat6e
  • Copper Twisted Pair & Coax

DC Power


  • BDFB’s
  • Rectifier Plants
  • Rectifier Modules
  • Controller Cards
  • Battery Strings
  • Fuse Alarm Panels
  • All Gauge Wiring & Lugs
  • Terminated and Laced According to Industry Standard



  • Central Office
  • Co-Locations
  • Data Centers
  • Building Risers
  • Building POP’s
  • Customer Suites & Server Rooms




  • Cisco
  • Nortel
  • Lucent
  • Fujitsu
  • Telect
  • ADC
  • Media-Links
  • Adtran
  • SFP
  • DWDM
  • OADM



  • Ladder Rack
  • Auxiliary Bar
  • Threaded Rod
  • 2-Post RR
  • 4-Post RR
  • Cabinets
  • Fiber Protections Systems
  • Wire Basket
  • Innerduct
  • Split Duct
  • E.M.T. Conduit
  • J-Boxes, & Caging

Termination & Testing


  • Fiber Cabling – Corning Uni-Cam Terminations & OTDR, OSA, Light Meter Testing
  • Cat5 & Cat6e – RJ45 Terminations & Mod Tap Testing
  • Copper Twisted Pair – 66/110 Block Punch Down, Wire Wrap Equipment & Tone Testing
  • Coax – BNC Connectors & Tone w/ Micrometer Testing